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Hi, I'm Steph

I make websites.

I am a freelance graphic artist in Ottawa, Canada. I've been working on the web for over 15 years. I've seen the old days of tables for layout, the rise of CSS, the responsive shift and now the dawn of SVG and grid layout.

While I love using new techniques, I follow a progressive enhancement approach, ensuring your site is visible to the most devices. We'll save the fancy stuff for the next update.

I can help you build the website you need. I concentrate on front end design and implementation, from creating animating web banners to implementing a full on ExpressEngine driven website, I can help you!

My prices are very competitive and reasonable and my service level is off the charts. I like to make sure that you are happy during all phases of our project.


Do any of the following items fit your situation?

  • you don't have a website and you're ready to get online!
  • you have a designer and you need a coded version of their files
  • you want to update content on an existing website
  • you want an ad or graphic created to use on your (or someone elses) website
  • create an SVG version of your logo

Need something not on the list? Send me an email

Check out some of the sites I've collaborrated on below.



Recent sites I've worked on.

I often team up with designers where I perform the coding of the pages.

Nunavut Tourism Home
Scout Environmental
Marche Info Deli
The Marshes Golf Club
Living Inside Out
Champ Law
Canadian Biogas Association
Hameed Law


I want to help you get your
website running ..

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